What we produce

  • Stupendous Syrup – Maple syrup to drown your flap-jacks in.
  • Likely Lamb – Likely to become a regular on your table once you try it.roast-turkey.jpg
  • Cheerful Chickens & Tickled Turkeys – Birds raised on pasture and our home made feed.
  • Beautiful Beef – Pastured Jersey beef for the BBQ.
  • Perfect Pork – Happy as a pig in MUD!
  • Ethical Eggs – Happy layers who eat grass and live in the great outdoors

Current Selections:

*We are just reworking our prices 🙂 Please check back soon or give us a call.
*For Maple Syrup please see Maple Syrup

How to buy from us

There are two main ways that we sell to our customers.

  1. The way to guarantee that you’ll get the amount and type of meat that you’re looking for – without being really specific about which cuts – is to join our Meat CSA.  Read our Meat CSA page for more details and feel free to contact us with questions at any time.
    **Please note: You do not need to be a member of our Meat CSA to buy from us.
  2. You are also more than welcome to engage in a “freezer raid”. We welcome you to come and look through our freezers and make a selection of meat to purchase. There is no minimum or maximum order. If you email or give us a call ahead of time we can arrange an appointment to ensure we are home. You are also welcome to stop by the house and see if we are home by chance.

Remember, our farmgate is always open. Feel free to look around and see how we operate. We look forward to seeing you!



  1. I’d like to order a turkey. How do I do it?

    • Hi! I’m sorry I missed this message! My cell is 6139229098 and I can get you all set up if your still interested! Again I’m sorry I missedthe message!

  2. Hi
    I’m interested in your grass fed beef and other products. I value animals and feel they have much to offer. I am a former vegan, vegetarian and now flexatarian, eating a variety of whole foods. I have recently discovered bone broth. I am hesitant in buying beef from the supermarket, hence here on your site. Would you have beef marrow, and meaty bones such short short ribs for sale?
    Thank you

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