Farm Story

Nyman farms opperates just outside of Picton, Ontario.   Picton is located in the County of Prince Edward, one of the most beautiful areas in the province.

Together, John and Michelle run the farm and raise a family on our 80 acres. Our backgrounds vary which gives an interesting and refreshing perspective to the farming life. John has a farming background, being closely involved in the running of his family’s dairy, chicken and cash crop farm.

His own foray into farminIMG_2095g started in 2001 when he worked a full-time off farm job and renovated a house to sell while farming 100 acres of rented land in his ‘free time’. At that time, the farm was producing roasting chickens, farm fresh eggs, cash crops including corn, soybeans, wheat. At the same time John was continuing his longtime maple syrup business from the maple bush on his parent’s property.

While John’s background gave him a firm graps on farming, Michelle traded in the city life for a life on the farm and a pair of coveralls. It has been and continues to be a fun venture as continual learning occurs. It may be a crazy life… But it is our life!

Having gone through a series of transformations,  Nyman Farms now has a home on 78 picturesque acres that are a mix of productive farmland, pasture land and maple bush. With the move to this new farm in November 2006,  Nyman Farms has  created the first Meat C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) program in the region.  Through this program, we deliver beef, pork, chicken and lamb to families from Kingston to Toronto.

Though the workload to provide the service is great, so are the rewards.  If nothing else, dinner is going to be fabulous!

Our Philosophy

Anything we do on the farm must:

  • Sustain the health and welfare of the animals and plants;
  • Sustain the living organisms in the soil and the environment in general;
  • Sustain us, the family running the business both by providing the satisfaction of doing something we enjoy and by supplying the income we require to live.
  • Meet a high ethical standard (otherwise there wouldn’t be much satisfaction in it, would there?) This is something that we are constantly thinking about and factoring into our decision making.

This means that we endeavor to farm without pesticides, herbicides or other substances that are harmful to the environment, plants and animals (this includes the farmers!).  While we’re not extremist, we’re into transparency.    Our customers know exactly what we’re doing to provide them with their meat.  We answer questions put to us and are happy to discuss how we make our farming decisions.


On the occasions when we’re faced with a choice between applying the conventional farming knowledge that we have to save an animal or crop or taking the time to figure out how to fix a new problem organically thereby letting the animal/crop suffer, we choose the conventional method.  We get the imminent problem solved, then we move that problem to the Urgent List of Things to Learn.

Every time we hit a road block, it pushes us to increase our knowledge about alternative ways to make our farm run.  Happily, the roadblocks are few and we’re satisfied that we’re contributing to our environment, not taking from it.


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