Maple Syrup

Calling All Sweet Tooths!

Maple in the County is happening March 22 & 23, 2014! Come see what we have planned!

The sweetest and most delicious Maple Syrup from the sugar shack at Nyman Farms is available any time directly from the farm. We are happy to share that we now have a self serve syrup stand at the front of the house. The stand is replenished frequently and runs on an honour system for convience. Please feel free to stop by anytime!

A wide selection is available  from the 250ml bottle for the pancakes all the way up to 10 litre jugs for restaurant and cooking use. Home made Maple Butter and Maple Sugar Candies are also available! Maple Butter and maple sugar candies are made soley from Pure Maple Syrup. In order to get the thicker consistancy needed, we boil the syrup down further to reduce the water content. For maple syrup to be considered legal it must have 67% sugar. We boil that down even further to produce a thicker sticky consistancy. We then use a butter machine that stirs the consistancy at which point we are able to bottle it or put it into sugar molds. There are no other products added! Just pure delicious maple syrup! Maple butter can be spread and used just like peanut butter or other butter. My personal favourite… on english muffins when the butter gets down into all the little nocks and crannies. Yum!

Light, Medium, Amber, Dark… What does it all mean?

What do the different grades mean? Maple syrup can be found in extra light, light, medium, amber and dark grades. All grades contain the same amount of sugar (66-67.5%), the difference is the taste. Generally, the darker the syrup the more robust the flavour. When thinking about using syrup as a cooking ingredient, the darker syrups are best as the flavour shines through the dishes giving them a delicious maple flavour.

Maple Syrup Wedding Favour

Are you or someone you know getting married? We make maple syrup wedding favours (a truly uniquely Canadian idea!).
The favours featured in the picture below are 50mL bottles. The favours are $3.50 each and include: Bottle filled with syrup, foil over the cap, neck tag tied with twine and custom label (we will work with you choose the information for the label). Other varieties of bottles are also available. We would be more than happy to speak with you about the bottles below or other options. Please send us an email – or call us 613-476-6120 for more information.

nyman farms 001


                A Sweet Beginning

What we have today started in 1993 when John made a deal with the neighbour who owned a sugarbush. John had 40 taps that he put up in his parents woods. His neighbour offered to boil his sap into syrup if John would help collect the neighbours sap and work around the sugarshack in his free time. Thank you to the neighbour who believed in John’s passion and has led to the creation of a great maple syrup business!
-1995 First year John went out on his own for maple syrup, tapping 40 trees on his parents property using 4L ice cream pails. The syrup was boiled on a 2ft x 4ft pan on cement blocks out in the great wide open!
-1996 Upgraded to 2ft x 6ft pan with a homemade fire box
-1997 The first sugar shack was built! Added more taps to make a total of 100 taps
-1998 Made it to 200 taps and boiled with very own evaporator. Pipeline was also added to the woods
-2001 Expanded to 1200 taps, 1000 of which were on buckets and 200 on pipeline
* One person can average collecting 100 buckets an hour…
-2005 Moved away north and did hobby maple syrup in the backyard
-2008 Moved back to Picton and was the first year at the current location with 300 buckets
-2009 Did half (300) taps on bucket and 300 on pipeline. Both were gravity fed.
-2010 No buckets! The vaccuum pump was added
-2012 There were 880  taps running all on pipeline
-2014  Hoping to make it to 1400 taps with a new vaccumm pump!



  1. I just had some of your maple syrup for the first time from Treats and Treasures in Belleville. Without a doubt it is the best I have had in years. The only other syrup that came close was purchased a few years back from someone in in the county and I think his name was Smith. He had a small operation more or less for friends.
    We always had maple syrup growing up at home. My great uncle and his family had syrup. They were the Rollins and Ray family from around Plainfield. I can remember riding on the big sleigh pulled by a team of horses picking up the sap in milk cans. They had a sugar shack and also put a vat in the driveway of one of the farms to boil down.
    Every year when we had the new syrup my mother would boil down what we had left from the last years supply and we would have snow taffy. Wonderful stuff but you couldn’t eat much of it. That was close to 70 years ago but still a great memory. It’s nice to have something to remind me of those days. I am not suppose to have this because of health reasons but something this good can’t be all bad for you. Harold

    • Hi Harol,

      I thought i had responded to this!! My sincerest appologies! Thank you so much for your comment! I really do appreciate it. I will have to ask my hubsand if he knows of your family. He seems to know a lot of people, especially if they were/are members of the syrup community!
      I can remember going on wagon rides at my uncles place during the winter. Lots of great memories tied to that. Little did I would have a sugar bush myself!! Taffy on snow… delicious! I have to remind myself to keep things in moderation!!

  2. Do you ship to the UK at all? I am thinking of retailing ethically sourced maple syrup.

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