Maple in the County


Saturday and Sunday March 25 & 26, 2017

9am to 5pm

We love our maple syrup here at  Nyman Farms.  And, we love to share the experience of making – and tasting – it with others!

This March, come visit the farm for a tour of our sugar shack, sugar bush and, the ever-popular barn full of rowdy lambs, jersey cows, baby goat, baby chicks and pigs to visit. The trucks and tractors on the sand pile will be sure to entertain the kids (and fathers) for hours too!

Visit our farmyard sugar shack and watch us turn sap into syrup on our high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator. This year we are excited to up our production by partnering with a local business to tap their woods which will bring production to 3000 taps!  Our sugar shack will be full of delicious syrup, maple butter, maple sugar leaves and baked treats!

Any hungry visitors can take advantage of our BBQ’d  Nyman Farms Maple Pork on a delicious bun.  Sausages are made with our own farm raised meat and our maple syrup. Our sausages contain no additives, fillers or preservatives and are gluten free.  If you like them – and we know you will! – you can buy some to take home to your freezer.  Delicious!

New this year we will have Jersey Burgers on the bbq. Our grass fed beef make delicious burgers that contain no gluten and no fillers. They have been a large hit since we started serving them this past summer. Frozen packages are available as well!

We also have fantastic pastries in the works! Jersey Tails are fried dough that are covered with granulated maple sugar. We may or may not have taste tasted a few…. or a lot… and they are a favourite in our household 🙂

We have invited other craft and food vendors to come to our place and provide you with the opportunity to see the beautiful creations they have to offer. We will have tasty treats, jams and preserves as well as jewlery and other hand made items. We are excited to welcome:

Cressy Mustard Co: Handcrafted, small batch mustard company (so good on a sausage!)
V.R Sudz n’ Stuff: Handcrafted soaps, bath and shower products (love these products!)
Jubilee Forest Farm: Handcrafted beyond organic farm offering freshly milled flours, including pancake mix (Delicious!)
Pyramid Ferments: Handcrafted naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi & kombucha (a must have in any kitchen!)
Sunny Dale Farms: County grown pop corn kernels with a range of varieties (the perfect pairing for a movie night!)
Papaganoush and Mamahummus: Syrian refugee family who now live in the county who make authentic middle eastern dips (Baba Ganoush and hummus as staples in our house!)
Hinterland Winery: Sparking County Wines (Hard to pick my favourite!)

We are so very fortunate to live in a community that supports local businesses and each other. As part of a community outreach opportunity we will have a donation bin available for non-perishable food items for our local foodbanks. The donation bin is set up for those who wish to donate, although it is not manditory and please do not feel obligated.

A couple pictures from the weekend taken from the Belleville Intelligencer.

farm pictures 3


For more details, check out the Maple In The County website at


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