Farm Tours

Our Gate is Always Open – Please Take a Look Around

Self-Guided Tours

p1010148.jpgNyman Farms is always open for self-guided tours. There is no charge to look around our farm. Feel free to visit the animals in the barns or pastures. If you would also like to purchase something while you’re here, please make an appointment before you come to ensure that someone will be here to serve you.

Please keep the following in mind for your own comfort, our comfort and that of the plants and animals:

  • Dogs or other pets should stay in your car. If the weather is too warm, stranger-friendly dogs can be tied to one of the benches outside the sugar shack where we will give them water to drink (providing we’re around to do it!).
  • We have electric fences. The five metal strand fences on our farm are connected to electric fencers and will give you a shock if you touch them. Please don’t do it!
  • While we encourage you to visit our animals, please don’t get into the pasture or pens with them and please don’t feed them anything without consulting us first.
  • Please don’t walk through field crops or hay fields before harvest. If you would like to visit the bush but are unsure of how to get there without damaging a crop or needing to walk through an occupied pasture, please ask. We will be happy to tell you about what we’re growing and how to ensure it’s health!
  • Please respect our home. It is not part of the tour.
  • The workshop is not included on the self-guided tour but can be seen if you would care to arrange a guided tour.

Guided Tours

If we are around when you arrive, we will endeavour to give you some manner of tour. If you would like to guarantee a full guided tour for your party, please book one with us as follows:

We are available for guided walking tours by appointment for a fee of $150.00 per  tour.  Your group is welcome to contact us with a request and we will try to be available for a time that suits. Weather dependant, we will see the following things on a typical tour:

  • The Pastured Chicken ‘Condos’;
  • Our Laying Chicken ‘Winnebego’ – Collect your own eggs!
  • The Multi-Animal Rotating Pastures
  • The Sugar Shack
  • The ‘Greenhouse’ Barn
  • Our Small Grain Crops
  • Hay Production Ground
  • The Sugar Bush
  • The Farm Workshop and Equipment Yard
  • The Family’s and Pig’s Vegetable Garden

We look forward to seeing you at Nyman Farms.



  1. hi im just checking to make sure it is still ok to come see the animals and take some pic’s

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