Posted by: J Nyman | February 11, 2009

The Age of WWOOF at J. & C. Nyman Farms

Yes, we’ve entered a new age of more people at the dinner table, volunteer help in the barn and virtual travel for us farm-bound folks.

That’s right, we signed up for the WWOOFing program for the first time this year and are about to pick up our third WWOOFer at the bus stop.  Wondering WWHAT the heck I’m referring to when I say WWOOFer?

WWELL, let me tell you.  (Me thinks, I could keep this up for a long time.  😉  But I won’t.  Just for you.)

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.  It’s a program that matches up farms with travelers who want to volunteer on farms.  Yes, people travel around working on farms in trade for room and board. Sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?  (Anyone who has ever worked with volunteers knows that the fantasy rarely matches the reality, though, don’t we?)

Having said that, we had our first two WWOOFers, as they are known, a couple of weeks ago and, boy, did they set the bar high.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have fantasized a better WWOOFing experience.  When we dropped Rok, super intelligent, personable and driven Korean-Canadian in his mid twenties, off at the bus, John and I lamented that our next visitors would have awfully big shoes to fill.

I hope no potential WWOOFers get scared off by the Legacy of Rok.  😉

In any case, for our customers, you can look forward to a sea of changing faces here at the farm this year.

For any farmers who could use some help, enjoy visitors and have $45 to spare (that’s the program registration fee) and extra room at the inn, I heartily suggest checking out the WWOOF Canada site.  Or Google WWOOF to see the branches of this organization around the world.

Travelers, check out the abundance of crazy ag-tourism experiences you could have!  Man!

And, please, come here so I can virtually go where you’ve come from.  So far, I’ve been to Korea and I’ve experienced the Korean area of Toronto instead of simply passing through without knowing where to go for delicious Walnut Cakes.  Next, I’m heading to Vermont and Japan.

Yeah, virtual travel and a truly helpful ag-tourism program!

(Picks to follow, though the landscape where I’ve traveled so far all looks suspiciously like our sugar bush. )


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