Posted by: J Nyman | December 25, 2008

Who Says I Don’t Have Any Luxury in My Life?

Okay, it was me. Sitting on my nice couch, having an intimate conversation with a good friend, I said that I felt I was missing a little bit of luxury.

Normally, that type of thought might bring more ‘missing luxury’ if you believe The Secret. But I must have thought it in a more positive light. Here’s a pictorial of my reasoning:
Luxury Vest
This is a beautiful vest that my sister sent me from Vancouver. Thanks Sis!
Butter Anyone?
Here we have my Christmas present from DH and DS. That’s a number 8 jar!! And original, or so we’re told. I await my buckets of milk with baited breath.
Not so much a picture of the actual luxury in question but of the location of said beacon of quasi-modern technology. This was the joy of chores this morning… Wait for it… We, here at J. & C. Nyman Farms, now have… running water IN the BARN!!

And I said I don’t have a luxurious life. Ha…

Here’s hoping that everyone has a little bit of whatever they consider luxury this holiday season.



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