Posted by: J Nyman | October 17, 2008

Do You Really Want to Start a Farm?

Every so often, I get curious and take a closer look at the stats for this blog.  Every time I do, I’m amazed at the number of people who find us by typing ‘How to Start a Farm’ into their search engine.  All of these hits are part of the reason I started the series about starting a farm.  People seemingly want to know.  (The last post in that series is still to come.  Hey, good things take time. 😉 )

I write my experiences and thoughts about the realities of starting a farm, no holds barred, no rose coloured glasses, and people find me.  In startling numbers.  These days, one of my ‘How to Start a Farm’ series can usually be found on page one or two of Google.  (You can buy a $90 e-book on how to get yourself on the first pages of a Google search!)

I’m so encouraged that such numbers of you want to start farms!  I can’t tell you what that would do for our communities, our health and our economies if you all actually did it!

(Come on! You can do it!)

So, give me a moment of your time, and tell me what it is about farming that interests you.  I’m including some questions to get you started.  But don’t feel you need to answer them.  Just take a minute to tell me where you’re at with your farm dream and where you want to be.

If you’re not among the ‘dreaming about farming’ group but have already reached your farm dream, in whole or in part, put your two cents in!  I’m looking to get some serious farm-start-up momentum going over the next little while!

I’ve gone through the family farm situation while growing up and I’m deeply embroiled in creating and re-creating a farm now.  Creating a farm has so many facets.  It can get beyond overwhelming.  Tell me where your overwhelm is.  I’ve been to enough of the valleys and peaks that small farm start up can take you to.

There is a reason things get repeated enough times to become cliche.  Usually, they get said a lot because they’re true.

So here’s mine:  If I can help just one person succeed at a new farm, I’ll be happy.

I’m fascinated to know what draws different people to farming.  And, I love writing about the process we’re going though on our farm.  Give some good thoughts and I’ll have writing fodder for the upcoming winter writing season!

Here are those questions (should you want them):

  1. If you’re looking into what it takes to start a farm (or turn your farm into your job), do you truly think you might do it some day?
  2. If you already have started your own farm, is it working out the way you imagined it would?
  3. What part of starting your farm (or expanding from hobby farm to income farm) has got you stumped?
  4. In your wildest dreams, what does your farm look like?

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