Posted by: J Nyman | September 24, 2008

Three Weeks of New Stuff For Kenley


My name is Kenley, and I am doing my co-operative education portion of Prince Edward Collegiate Institute’s new program County Roots at J&C Nyman Farms. In the County Roots program, we learn about three very important sectors of business in Prince Edward County, these sectors being agriculture, marketing and tourism, and hospitality. Part of the agricultural portion of the program, which runs for the full school day, Monday to Friday, is selecting a local farm and going to an interview with the owner(s) to do a 3-week placement at the farm. After deciding which farms we could easily access, we went for our interviews. In my opinion, mine went fairly well and on Monday, the twenty-second of September, I started my placement with the Nyman family. So far I have really enjoyed working with the animals here on the farm, because they are all friendly. J&C Nyman Farms differs greatly from all other farms I have been to because the animals are fed very natural foods that are good for them, and they get to spend the majority of their day outside, which, as a vegetarian and animal activist, I feel is the way they should be treated. Colleen & Johnny seem to really respect the animals and what’s good for their well-being. I have a learned a lot already in my few short days here, such as how to wash eggs, and that eggs need to be stored point down, as well as many things pertaining to raising healthy and happy animals. I’m sure I will continue to learn more in the next two weeks of my placement, and now am off for another adventure on the farm.

Kenley-Ann Noll


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