Posted by: J Nyman | June 11, 2008

Attitude really is Everything

I really am one for believing that the answers to all problems have already been figured out. Most of them have been written down by someone who didn’t want to forget. In my opinion, a lot of them come through the collective consciousness of humanity. Doesn’t sound much like farming, does it?

Well, farming – and starting a farm, in particular (due to the ‘two-full-time-job factor) – is just like anything else in the world. It has it’s ups and downs. There are busy times and quieter times. You get to watch crops flourish where you’ve spread your best compost and you have to shovel the crap out of the chicken house to get that good stuff to spread.

Okay, so we don’t have a chicken house, but we will in the winter and I’m purposely not thinking about spring clean out.

Point being that, just like with anything else, you can revel in the high times and keep your head above water in the dips. Or you can drown. And, when you’re drowning, it’s hard to remember that, whatever problem is big enough to sink you, there is an answer out there.

Here at J. & C. Nyman Farms, we’ve been feeling a little like we’re drowning despite business going so well. Why does that happen? To challenge us? Isn’t farming enough of a challenge??

Anyway, it happens and, like I said, the answers are ‘out there’. I’ve always been pretty good at seeking the ones that someone has written down. (Aren’t books great?) Lately, though, I’ve gotten better at harvesting answers from what I consider the collective consciousness. Sounds a little hokey maybe, but it’s been working for me.

For example, I called this post ‘Attitude is Everything’ because that’s what John and I have both been struggling with. The ‘Why does this have to be so hard/This shouldn’t be this way’ attitude. We might as well have been wearing cement shoes. So, I absolutely went to my list of favourite quotes, my bookshelf and my trusted friends in search of solutions.

More importantly, I listened for answers that came to me unbidden. Like my neighbour, a gentleman past retirement age, lets say, who said: “Boy, I hope your son knows how lucky he is to have this life, Colleen.”

Some might have taken offense to this and I don’t necessarily think that our 2.5 year old needs to feel ‘lucky to have this life’. But, I realized that John and I had been looking upon our life too negatively for sometime.

From a two year old’s perspective, the fact that the lawn was knee high might even be a plus, not a reason to think ‘this shouldn’t be this hard’. To a growing mind and spirit, the fact that sleep is traded for the opportunity to green chop feed, haul it to the barn yard and hand bomb off the hay wagon to our sheep, probably sounds like a super deal. (I know it does, in fact. That’s why bedtime has been going so poorly lately). When the fencing catches up to the season and the sheep are on pasture all the time, I’m sure he will feel like something is lost, not gained.

And, what would be wrong with looking at things this way? Currently reality can’t be changed so why not enjoy it for what it is. Or at least know that, despite how hard it is, it is still fun, rewarding and, dare I say it? A wonderful life. (He! He! clichés make me laugh!)

Hmm… as I reread what I have written, I realize it’s all no brainer stuff – when I’m not actively drowning.  So, I guess I can just count myself one of the many who have written down the answer to a challenge so they won’t forget it. If anyone hears me sounding like I’m drowning in bad attitude, please refer me back here. And feel free to refer yourself if you ever need it.  🙂

More specifically farm related stuff to come in the next post…


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