Posted by: J Nyman | April 6, 2008

Someone did something delicious with our lamb!

And they sent pictures.  Mmmm….

Check out this recipe.  It comes from one Luisa, lovely Italian woman who seems to know how to make rack of lamb into the delectable, luxurious dish it is meant to be.  Follow these instructions and add friends liberally.

Luisa’s Marinated Lamb for the Barbecue:  (as it came to me via email)

Throw 3 cloves of chopped garlic in a big bowl, add the juice of  3-4 lemon (and then cut them into pieces and throw them in the marinade as well), add fresh mint leaves, rosemary leaves (3 spoon), parsley (1 spoon), extra vergin olive oil (1 cup), red wine Vinegar (1 cup1/2) ground black pepper (1 spoon) and an entire red hot chilli pepper crushed into small pieces. Add water and stir. Put the lamb in the bowl and make sure the lamb is being sunken, cover with cling wrap and put in the fridge for 12 hours or simply the night before the consuption.

Lamb marinadeIf you like, once you cook the lamb you can put some of the marinade in a bowl on the table and dip the lamb into it.
Is delicious!

There you have the recipe.  I didn’t make any changes and don’t really know if we’re talking teaspoons or tablespoons but, hey, it’s a marinade.  Make it so that it tastes good to you!

I have yet to try this but you can bet it will be first on my ‘to bbq’ list for the summer.

Lamb on the bbqDoesn’t it look like summer?


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