Posted by: J Nyman | March 24, 2008

In the Eye of the Tornado

I was going to call this ‘The Calm Before the Storm’ but I realized that it’s been storming for a while now.

What I mean by ‘storming’ is that we’ve been Stupid-Busy for a long time in preparation for the maple syrup season. This moment of calm that I’m making use of to write can hardly be classified as ‘before the storm’. More accurate would be ‘after the brain ceased to comprehend the chicken scratches on my to do list’.

Here’s a little run-down of what’s going on, just so anyone who’s in a leisurely way this time of year can be busy vicariously through us. 😉

Late September 2007: John and Colleen are NOT considering making maple syrup this year much less being a part of the large tourist event that goes on in their county. It would be too much work in too short a time.

October 2007: Something happened to their brains and John and Colleen decided that it would be ‘fun’ to do maple syrup this year and that they should run an entrepreneurial program for teens at the same time.

November 25 2007: Friends and family are enjoying roast turkey at J. & C. Nyman Farms after spending the day moving the sugar shack from John’s parent’s bush to our home farm. Eight posts are in the ground and a bit of strapping is on.

February 25 2008: There is a roof on the sugar shack but no walls. Sap is expected to start flowing within the week. 14 lambs are born today and Colleen is at a four day conference in Ottawa. John wonders why his hair is going gray so quickly.
(In fact, here is John trying to put the roof on in the dark after a full day at his off-farm job. Yes, we are nuts…about farming, that is.)


March 1 2008: The first day of the teen program is here and the taps are going in the trees. Having five teenagers to teach slows some things down but it speeds others up. And teens are fun to have around. They have tonnes of energy (which we need to keep us going!).


Monday, March 24 2008: Colleen has sent Shea out for babysitting . Errands were run in the morning and computer work caused a sore backside in the afternoon. (And still she types at the computterer when she gets a break!)

Gravel arrives by the truckload and the evening will consist of creating a driveway to the sugar shack, painting a farm sign and trying to ignore the vast amounts of mud tracked through out the house. Housework is off for this week.

Tuesday, March 25 2008: All scrambling will stop and what’s done will be done. Cameras for the regional news program will role at 12:30pm with Colleen being interviewed about the teen program and the Maple in the County weekend that runs this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Later Tuesday, March 25 after the camera operator says “It’s a wrap!”:
Let the scrambling resume! More gravel to move! Maple syrup to boil! Labels to create! More baked goods to bake! Supplies to shop for!

That’s my storm and I’m relishing this little piece of calm that I’ve afforded myself. I think I’m going to go make a cup of tea and re-read my recent post about Surviving a Start Up Farm. Especially the part about witnessing your days.

Then I’m going to step back into the storm.


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