Posted by: J Nyman | March 16, 2008

Pictures of the Season


Here are a couple of our mixed blessings (or so I think when there are too many of them tackling me at once!) They’re ‘bottle babies’ meaning for one reason or another, we’ve had to feed them milk replacer from a bottle instead of letting nature take her course and have mom feed them. Usually, the reason is because we didn’t like the course that nature was on when we found them hypothermic and near death on a cold winter night. Feeding them in this picture are Big Farmer John and Little Farmer Shea.

(I cringe as I write that as I’m forever lecturing about not to pigeon hole our son. “You know Dear, he might have a different unique gift for the world than farming!”)

This next little guy is on his way up the side of a round bale. We’re loving our new hoop barn but, as you’ll see in timg_1708.jpghe next picture, there is one major drawback.

The lambs can all cavort around in the hay! Happily, they still seem to do their business in the pack area but it’s just not good for the brain to see little manure machines running in the food!

Here you can see what I mean. It’s fun to watch them go crazy but…


All right. This has been a busy weekend. I will soon be adding more pictures as the season also entails maple syrup and a great first run for a teen entrepreneurial program that I’ve developed. (Check out the program here.)


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