Posted by: J Nyman | March 14, 2008

Good Food Energy Drive – Please Join In!

Today, I had the pleasure of taking our son, Shea, to a playgroup with a wonderful bunch of people. This is not always the case at playgroup. Sometimes I think there should be a sign saying: “Would all parents kindly leave their egos at the door”. Those ones aren’t so fun. This one was great.

Nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people to make you feel comfortable. And, that’s the thing about like-minded-ness , you’re likely to get appreciated in that kind of a group. (Think Oxford is going to add that one to the dictionary any time soon?)
Now, before this starts to sound like I neglected to leave my ego at the door, let me get to the point.

Farmers don’t get a who lot of appreciation in North America today. And this is not wining. Most of what we’ve gotten in the past has been deserved either through willful disrespect of nature or consumers or through apathy when it comes to promoting ourselves. Sadly, a lot of current farmers are taking the flack for the ‘sins of the father’, as it were.

Anyway, either we’re vilified and painted as a group who doesn’t respect the environment or animal life or we’re considered extreme ‘weirdos’ into astrology and tree hugging. Generally, we get one of those two pigeon holes regardless of whether or not either of them fits.

So to chat with parents who are frustrated with the grocery stores* of our small town and to be able to tell them that we produce some of what they’re looking for… This is enjoyable. We produce food for people to eat and appreciate, so this is like ‘Mission Accomplished’ for me.

And, to have people actually approve of what you’re doing and be genuinely interested is really a treat. And I’m not talking interested on their way through the McD’s drive through. I mean interested like ready to contact us and willing to pay for good food.

Even without the prospective customer part, the appreciation motivates me to keep pushing in an industry that is challenging despite being rewarding.

Here’s a challenge for anyone interested.

If you get the chance in the next week (or how ever long this challenge stays in your mind), make a farmer know that you like what their doing. It takes a strong will and conviction to not take a better paying, easier job off the farm sometimes. Appreciate someone and add your positive energy to the food we all get to eat.

I would love to know how readers feel about the families that produce their local food. Please comment and get that good-food energy going right here too!

(*Our local grocery stores are actually quite exceptional. Especially for the population base they have to draw from. Still, they don’t have a patch on the bigger cities, though. People do make some trade offs to get to live in the country.)


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