Posted by: J Nyman | March 11, 2008

No wonder I can’t find any farmers blogs…

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’ve been stumped about something for a few days. It’s not that being stumped is bad, that happens all the time. I am human after all. It’s what I’ve been dumbfounded about.

See, I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to see what other farmers are writing about in their blogs. But I haven’t been able to find any.

Seriously. I haLonging for the warm, lush days of summerve yet to find one good, up to date blog by a farmer about their farming life. This surprised me. Probably because my mind has very little room for rational thought these days. This is supposed to be the down time for us farm-folk, so someone must have the itch to spend their slower (ha!) days writing, right?

Apparently not.

I’ve spent stolen moments Google-ing ‘farmer blog’ between morning chores, night chores, midday barn check for hypothermic lambs in need of warming by our wood stove, outdoor picnic delivery to my horse who has to be banished from the barn during lambing, preparation for our entrepreneurial program for teens, planning for the Maple in the County festival, tapping of maple trees, keeping house and entertaining two toddlers (one of whom I’m thankful to see packed into her mother’s minivan at the end of everyday, despite being happy to have her). Phew!

Somehow, I failed to see that if every farmer’s day looked something like mine, not many of them would be blissfully tapping away at their keyboards in blog-land. Shocking really. (I’m still shaking my overloaded head at myself.)

So, now that I’ve laid my failings in the deductive reasoning department out for all to see, I would like to make an appeal.

If anyone knows of a good farmer’s blog, please let me know. I’ve read some great things from market gardeners, foodies and farm consumers (those who choose to buy their food directly from a farm like ours) but I’m curious about what other farmers are talking about.

Hopefully some of you are too. In the mean time, I will endeavor to fill the void one toddler nap at a time for anyone who is interested. Count me in as your blog-link to a farmer’s world.

Happy eating! (Who ever said farmers aren’t in on the rat race?)


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